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GOODEE technology -- the return of industry to the beauty of nature.

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Base on manufacturing service, solve equipment automation.
Achieve production differentiation and improve customer competitiveness.

GOODEE core technology.


  • Goodee software
  • Goodee detection
  • Goodee automation
  • Goodee laser
  • Goodee seiko

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Enterprise dynamics

Enterprise dynamics

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Successful case  /Successful case

  • Case of plastic industry

    Manual deburring: original conservative, but time-consuming and laborious, unstable operation, low efficiency, and easy to damage products Sand blasting to deburr: the deburring rate is low and the cost is high; the unevenness of the deburring of the ri...

  • Auto parts case

    Sheet metal processing, aeronautics and Astronautics, automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, precision accessories household appliances, sheet metal processing, kitchen utensils, craft gifts, Tools processing metal processing, decoration, advert...

  • Case of packaging industry

    Industry pain point: Quality and efficiency depend on the proficiency of operators There is too much cost for people to invest too much Quality workers can not get the CPK data in process effectively and effectively, and can not effectively prevent an...

  • A case of mechanical hardware

    Save people, improve product quality with precision and efficiency It can run uninterruptedly for 24 hours and the equipment is stable Real time monitoring data can be automatically exported, and SPC analysis can be carried out for process control...

  • 3C mobile phone industry case

    A production line personnel are too many, difficult to manage; B is susceptible to fatigue and emotional factors, and the quality is not guaranteed C a lot of size using manual completely undetectable; D human cost is high and the cost of manageme...

  • CNC 1 dragging 2 solution

    People leave the machine to stop production, but 12H must have 2H to leave, and 365 days must leave more than 70 days Machine processing oil spray affects the health of the worker...

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